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Direct printed drinking straws

Advertise with printed drinking straws

At Straws & Stripes, LLC we take a creative approach to business promotion and customized advertising. Your message or business logo can be printed directly on drinking straws!
Drinking straws are in front of billions of people every day. Therefore, printed drinking straws are the ultimate marketing tool as they are a great way at giving your brand exposure across various demographics. Printed drinking straws are a unique and creative way to advertise and promote your business and products. Fully tailored to your business needs, these printed drinking straws come in a variety of lengths and colors. We offer a wide array of colors, sizes, and diameters of printed drinking straws to choose from. Printed drinking straws can be used for so much more than business advertising. Birthdays - Anniversaries - Weddings - Parties. Any event can be made better with printed drinking straws!


Choose between our drinking-straw-designer and our pre-printed section below


 Drinking straw designer            direct printed customized drinking straws


Make a statement with individual printed drinking straws.  GET A QUOTE HERE


Our printed drinking straws are proudly made and manufactured in the USA, and only produced using 100% FDA food grade materials.


Due to the slick surface of the material, we do not guarantee that the print is permanent on the straw